Anika’s passion for human rights and social justice has been exemplified in her visionary leadership

“Since the early 1990s, Anika’s passion for human rights and social justice has been exemplified in her visionary leadership and commitment to the key issues of our time. I value her as a colleague.”
~ Anthony Romero, Executive Director, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

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Anika is a leader with strategic and advocacy vision

“Anika was the founding director of the International Legal Program. I had the great pleasure of working with her for a decade. Her strategic and advocacy vision helped shape how the Center for Reproductive Rights could and did make a difference in the global promotion of reproductive rights and health.”
~ Luisa Cabal, Chief, Human Rights and Law, UNAIDS and Former Vice President of Programs, Center for Reproductive Rights

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Anika raised the United Nations Population Fund’s profile in the U.S.

“I had the immense pleasure of working with Anika, as the head of Friends for UNFPA. Her energy knew no bounds. She led the expansion of the organization, recruited a nationally prominent Board and worked to raise UNFPA’s profile in the U.S.”
~ Purnima Mane, Deputy Executive Director (Programme), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (2007-2012)

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Anika has expertise and foresight as a fundraiser

“Anika’s support of NESRI’s development strategy has sharply changed our thinking and practice. She has given us a framework and tools to pivot from an ad hoc development effort to a strategically focused program with all the essential elements. She has been invaluable in helping us prioritize with her pragmatic insights and provided invaluable advice in enhancing our operations. Most of all she has given the confidence and knowledge to succeed.”
~ Cathy Albisa, Executive Director, National Economic Social Rights Initiative (NESRI)

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Anika has expertise in institutional development

“Anika’s extensive experience as a respected non-profit leader advancing women’s rights and developing effective institutions has been a consistent and appreciated resource. Her thoughtful questions and critical reflections have been immensely valuable in guiding institutional development to support the collective strategic priorities of ESCR-Net members.”
~ Chris Grove, Director, International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net)

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Anika is a strategic leader with strong fundraising skills

“As the Ms. Foundation’s President and CEO, Anika successfully implemented a strategic plan for the Foundation that was focused on cultivating new donors and enhancing the Foundation’s public image. She demonstrated initiative and was bold and creative in developing new donor relationships. Anika played a pivotal role in bringing important and positive visibility to the Foundation.”
~ Cathy Raphael, Chair, Board of Directors, Ms. Foundation for Women (2010-2014), and Board Member, Ms. Foundation for Women (2010-2015)

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Anika is a strong and inspirational strategic leader

“Anika’s tenure as the head of the Ms. Foundation for Women demonstrates her strong leadership skills. She helped lead the foundation toward its 40th anniversary by developing a comprehensive new strategic plan that included focusing grant making in priority areas of concern for the organization and the women’s movement. Her passion for, and commitment to, diversity and marginalized communities are inspirational.”
~ Ashley Blanchard, Member of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Ms. Foundation for Women (2011-2013), and Board Member, Ms. Foundation for Women (2011-2015)

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Anika is an exceptionally talented and strategic fundraiser and leader

“Anika is an exceptionally talented and strategic fundraiser. I was her colleague on the Senior Management Committee at the Rainforest Alliance and collaborated with her to strengthen the organization’s revenue base. I witnessed Anika’s responsiveness to the program team and the astute changes that she introduced to improve the Development team by globalizing the staff and identifying key priorities while also strengthening the organization’s brand positioning. I greatly enjoyed working with Anika and continue to be impressed by her leadership skills.”

Winston Bowman, Program Director, The Nature Conservancy, and Vice President, Rainforest Alliance (2015-2016)

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Anika’s organizational development, management, and leadership coaching skills were invaluable to us

“Anika’s organizational development, management and leadership coaching skills were invaluable to us as we led our non-profit through a politically challenging period for immigrants’ rights. She gained our full team’s trust and was successful in supporting us to enhance our management and leadership capacity and to roll out an organizational restructuring. It was a genuine pleasure to work with Anika—she brought empathy, commitment and leadership experience to us all.  Anika is indeed a catalyst for positive change.”

Steve Choi and Sara Rakita, Executive Director and Managing Director, New York Immigration Coalition